History of BGH Hill and our Close Ratio Ford Gearboxes

 From being a reconditioners of most types of car and light commercial gearboxes in 1967

B. G. Hill was always interested in close ratio variants of Ford gearboxes and from reconditioning and modifying with new Ford gears or modification using Ford gears from other gearboxes a range of special ratios was evolved.

When the type 9 sierra 5 speed gearbox became available it was clear that even the 2.8 gearset did not have a long enough first gear for light weight sports cars. So BGH designed and had manufactured the gears to modify.

It took a while to find a decent understanding gear manufacturer and we only buy top quality components, we do not cut corner and we stand by our guarantee.


Our inspection routines and modifications to improve lubrication and gear selection are proven and are the reason for our good reputation.

Patience, careful attention to detail and pride of workmanship is the key to our success. No less I the future than in the past

Our design, development and testing continues to ensure our future and as modifications become available they will be incorporated in our production gearboxes.